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Windshield Wiper Switch, 1968 Cougar (2 Speed Xr7 Model) Muscle Car Switch
Made in the USA reproduction 2 speed windshield wiper switch for 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7's. Combining a retro look and feel, the 2 speed MC68XRW first reproduction 2 speed wiper switch on the market for 1968 Cougar XR'7s. Featuring a lever designed for the OEM "WIPER" knob, the plug and play MC68XRW has a seamless installation into the OEM gauge cluster without any modifications and connects to the existing wiring harness. Features: Solid-state surge current protection replaces the original bi-metallic current limit and returns the switch to normal operation after the fault is corrected, The chrome lever is designed for the OEM WIPER knob for a factory correct look, Solid state voltage spike protection guards against voltage spikes that can occur when modern electronics are added to a 1960’s electrical system,Heavy chrome plating makes the lever look beautiful and replaces the factory dogleg lever.

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